Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let me in!

Lil' Man had a great time tick or treating. However he had a hard time understand the concept.  He was practically beating down peoples doors yelling for candy.  If someone lowered their bowl to his level, he would try and snatch half their loot.  EMBARASSING!

He also did not understand why he couldn't eat every single piece of candy, as it was handed to him.  

Lil' Man started a new ADHD medication about two weeks before we put him into respite. He is taking 5mg of focalin in the morning  before school.  I have noticed some new behaviors but not sure if they are related to the medication or his two weeks in respite. He has started picking again almost constantly. He is also stuttering when trying to speak, and is very emotional.  He is repeating  the same question over and over again.

We have noticed a some positive improvement too There has been a huge improvement in his ability to stay on a task for more than a minute.  He is better at sitting still, keeping his hands to himself, and thinking before he acts.

Tonight before bed we worked on puzzles for over 30  minutes.  He has been playing with other toys on his own besides his cars.

I told the hubby that we need to give the meds another few weeks so that we can decide if its the medication that is causing the habits, or the lack of structure while in respite.

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  1. Ive never heard of that med! Im going to look into it. Im not satisfied with Dee's adderall... she has NOOOO appetite and she is sooo tiny. And Madi has an appt to get tested to adhd... which im positive she has.. so we will be starting the med search soon!