Saturday, November 14, 2009

Good day

We had a lazy morning at home, before heading to an Old South fair, in a town about 15 minutes from ours.  It was a cultural experience to say the least.  Lil' Man had a great time.  Anything outdoors pleases him.

After the fair we went to the in-laws for a few hours, where Lil' Man entertained us all with his acting abilities  .  We left their house and headed to publix for a few groceries.  Came home dropped off the food, and went to eat Chinese at Lil' mans request.

Lil' Man is winding down watching Diego.  It's already 17 minutes passed bed time, typically all hell breaks loose at 30 minutes passed bed time.  He just can't hang.  So I best be going. See ya :)

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