Sunday, November 15, 2009

Forever family?

I worry that there isnt a family out there some where that will adopt Lil' Man.  About a month ago I sent several pictures of Lil' Man to his case worker for his adoption profile.  Right away she had several inquires about him. 

Those big blue eyes, are breath taking.  However as soon as they read his history they are no longer interested.  He is a sweet little boy, who has the ability to  show love.  He needs to be the youngest in the family or an only child until he has time to adjust to his new environment.  He needs someone that will shower him with love, while staying on top of his behaviors. He needs someone who will advocate for him in all areas of life so that he doesn't end up  mixing with the wrong crowed

He is on the go non-stop from sun up to sun down. He may never be able to live alone, or he might grow up to be president.  With FAS there are so many factors that can vary greatly.  He is "book smart", but has no common sense.

Anyone out there interested in adopting a blue eyed, brown haired, FAS, OCD, Cutie?



  1. fas... fetal alcohol syndrome?

  2. Crap. My last post disappeared. I would love to adopt him when T moves out but I don't think he should wait another three years :( . The hubs and I agreed that we will only foster babies until she moves out so we don't lose our minds.