Saturday, October 31, 2009


Gone nuts, be back later.

Lil' Man is driving me insane.  He has been super duper defiant. Whining, crying, shouting, screaming.  I am trying so hard to shower him with love, while trying to get things under control.  But its hard. 

Its hard to sit and play cars, or build a house out blocks, when he's in one of his moods.  He gets in a negative cycle, and it's a piece of work to get him out of it.

I received nothing but negative reports from school last week.  He peed himself multiple times every day last week.  He has woke up soaking wet each and every morning.

He is refusing to eat breakfast lunch or dinner, unless its a PBJ. But that doesn't fly here.  Eat what your given or wait until your next meal.

I know it's because he was in respite for two weeks. I am hoping it passes soon.  He was doing so well before we left.  Not sure I can take many more defiant days.


  1. Im praying for your lil man!! And for you!! I know it must be hard, but stay firm and consitant... your love and structure will help him!!

  2. I tried to comment yesterday but Blogger was mad a at me...
    Remember, breathe, eat chocolate, love the kid, breathe deeper, eat more choclate or drink wine... and love him some more.

    you can dot it.