Friday, November 13, 2009

The list?

So what's on your kids Christmas last? Or rather what's NOT on their list?

The other day we sat down, and wrote a letter to Santa.

Lil Man want's

  • a power wheels (not sure he's going to get it, because of his impulse issues
  • A big HUGE fire truck (his words)
  • a lightening McQueen car
  • A kitchen
  • Any and all other cars known to man
  • a skate board (maybe once he masters a scooter lol)
  • A toothbrush with a button as he calls it (an electric toothbrush)
  • Lightening Mc Queen slippers
  • Cars movie
  • puzzles
  • a mustang (a real one) not gonna happen.

I shop so far in advance I already have a ton of gifts for him.  Thankfully some of the gifts I have are some of the things he has asked for.

I cannot wait to get our Christmas tree up, as Lil' Man has never had a tree before.  I showed him the tree displays at target.  I asked him "Did you have a Christmas tree at Mrs XXX house?" to which he replied "no mom", "Trees are for outside, not inside."

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