Monday, November 23, 2009

Keep your mouth closed

Today the boys, and I went to chick fil a for lunch.  We had just finished eating.  I sent the boys into the play area, while I cleared the table.  The man across from us, who had been checking us out all along started talking to me.

Him "Are you a single parent?"

me "no?"

him: he pointed to his finger, and said "no ring?"

me: "oops I must have forgotten to put it on this morning"

him: "oh, i'm a single dad. 

me: oh okay (WTF?)

Was I getting hit on? lol

Later that day I was talking to my friend J about running.  She super, wakes up at 5am every morning and goes running. Currently she is training for a marathon. I told her "thats great."

She told me that maybe I should try running sometime, to help me loose weight.  She went on to say that if I lost weight it might help me with me fertility issues.  WTF?

I told her that my fertility issue were a tad bigger than me needing to loose weight.  I then said I was happy with the weight I am now. 

Didn't your Mother teach you to keep your mouth closed if you don't have anything nice to say?  Talk about being kicked when your already down.

Yes, I could stand to loose weight, but I am not hugely over weight.  I have lost 50lbs in the passed six months. I wear a size 12-14, and a large top..BIG DEAL

Not everyone was meant to be a size 4-6.

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