Sunday, November 22, 2009


We're heading out of town for Thanksgiving.  We're going to the usual spot, Tybee Island.  My sisters, and their family will be joining us.  Five adults, and four kiddos

Lil' man gets along well with my nephews. My niece Jannae cannot stand him, but most 8 1/2 yr olds, don't like four yr old boys.

I have been secretly packing today.  Can't let the kid find out, or all hell will break loose.

I am a little nervous about veering from his night time routine.  We're pretty strict with it at home. 

6:30 bath


7:30-book, and snuggle time

7:45pm lights out

Typically if he isnt in bed by 8pm, his behaviors spiral down hill quickly.

For those of you with FAS children, or children with mood disorders, how do you prepare them for a change in their routine?

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  1. HOLD MY BREATH! I take my kids out of the room whenever I see the slightest indication that they are starting to fizzle out. We go to a quiet space and just sing or talk while I stroke their foreheads.

  2. Madi is really great with changes... we havent had to prepare her much for them. Dee Dee on the other hand doesnt do very well with them, so we tell her the new plan. We outline what time things will happen, even if its generic. Like around 6 we will watch TV, around 7 we will get a bath, and then when we are done we will play a little before bed. At home when its a normal night, we are much much more specific, but at least she knows what to expect somewhat. It seems to help. And we give her countdowns. In 5 mins we are going to stop playing and go get a bath, in 2 mins, in 1 min... and that helps too. Especially since she cant tell time, even on a digital clock... so we help her tell time with the countdowns. Hopefully you have an easy time on vacation with the family!! And I hope lil man can adjust to a less structured evening!!!

  3. I too pack on the sly, but once I have to tell them, I tell them before we leave of my expectations, the rewards and consequences and time frames. I watch for the slightest sign of wonkiness (my word for the beginning of a train wreck) and use strong sitting and right brain/left brain exercises to pull them back ontrack. I always keep in the back of my mind that if we need to end the trip early, it is what it is. But!!! They know if mamma has to end her fun, there will be no fun to be had for some time.

  4. I have no advice because I am still trying to figure it out myself. The unpredictability of my foster/adoptive children is one of the hardest things for me. Hope you have a nice time and a wonderful thanksgiving.