Saturday, November 21, 2009

I.E.P meeting (update)

Lil' man's IEP meeting was Friday at 8:15am. I finally walked out the school a little before 10:15.  A lot was said, but not a lot was accomplished.

I was surprised by the amount of staff members, that were in attendance.  A behavior specialists, special Ed teacher, reg ed teacher, speech therapist, occupational therapist, the LEA his one on one, Pre-K project director, director of special ed, School councilor, principal, and the  pre-k resource coordinator.  Lil' Man is well known throughout  the school.

It cracks me up that not one of the people above are able to control my 40lb four year old.  The principal kept saying he is uncontrolled. He's FOUR PEOPLE FOUR!  If they cant control him now what is going to happen when he's 14, and 200lbs.

I was shocked by some of their stories, as I had no idea how "bad" his behaviors were at school.  His teacher was sugar coating his behaviors in her daily notes/emails to me. I was frustrated that I was the one that called the meeting.  If they were having such issues why wasn't it brought to me attention before? Why didnt they schedule a meeting?

I told them that some of the behaviors are because of his FAS, and the others are because he is good at manipulating, and that they were playing his games.

To make a long story short, he will not be getting a full-time one on one aid, however they will up the one on one support.  We went over ways in which they can defuse the situation so that he doesn't get so out of control.  We came up with a crisis intervention plan (that sounds horrible doesn't it?)

His teacher is to try and defuse the situation for five minutes.  If they are not able to clam him down he is to be removed from the classroom, and taken to the positive action room (PA room).  He will be allowed to have his fit, while being supervised by a train staff member.  Afterwards the PA teacher will have a talk with him, about the situation.  Once he has collected himself he will be allowed to return to the classroom.

When he needs to be left alone, there is a designated "safe spot" in his classroom where he can retreat. 

At nap time he will no longer be required to lay on his mat for an hour.  (total torture for him).  He will stay on his cot for 10 minutes, and then will be taken into the computer lab, and allowed to work on the computer.

I know that not all of his behaviors will be corrected, however my hope is that by sending him to the PA room, the manipulation  will lesson. 

We will meet again in 30 days to review our plan, and to figure out if we need to make any other changes. 

The good news is, he's a smart little cookie!

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  1. Wow... its hard to beleive that they are so unable to control him! Its seems that some people want to see the best in kids SOOO bad that cant seem to see that the bad parts need to be recognized so they can be corrected. We see that a lot with our kids. People who dont understand let them hug and kiss and touch them in way that may be slightly inappropriate for non-abused kids, but are HIGHLY inappropriate for kids who have been abused and try to touch people to gain attention. (hopefully that made sense.. lol!)
    Its so hard as a parent to see people treat your kid like a perfect angel (dispite obvious bad behavior) and then wonder why their behaviors spiral out of control soooo quickly!! anyways... I hope these new plans help him!!