Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today has been another one of "those days". I am feeling sorry for myself, and for my siblings.  Just wishing we could have our parents back.  I am sad because my Mum isn't here to share in my wedding joy, and that my Dad wasn't here to give Wayne permission to marry me.

I feel guilty, because my sisters have spent the last few days going through our Mum's house, trying to decide what to keep, and what can be donated.  I am unable to be there to help.

I am getting nervous about my trip to Virginia.  Once I am there I will no longer be able to pretend. 

Monday will be Jeff's 40th birthday, while visiting my house last July my Mum told me to mark my calendar as she was planning a big bash.  Right now I should be in VA Beach celebrating his birthday along with my Mum, and sisters.  Instead Jeff is preparing to move, and we are morning our Mothers death.

It seems like no one understands, it isn't something you just "get over".  The feelings are there everyday, there are constant reminders of what I have lost, and it sucks..

Friday, May 30, 2008

Are you kidding me?


My husband Wayne is in school to get his master degree in architecture.  He currently works part-time on a plantation, and also does residential design on the side.

He met with a client a few months ago, to go over what she wanted, her budget with between 350K-400K.  Wayne designed the house as she wanted, making several changes along the way to meet the ladies needs.

In April he drew up her bill, and sent it on it's way.  A few weeks later he got a phone call, she was upset because she didnt except the bill to be "so high".  Wayne explained the changes over again, she seemed content. 

Their conversation ended with "your check will be in the mail tomorrow"  Fast forward to the month of May, still no check. Time to send out another bill.  This time we get a phone call from one of the ladies friends, she's upset yet again about her bill.

Since Wayne is not a licensed architect, he offers his services as a draftsman at 60% less than what an architect would charge.  Apparently Wayne's talent, isn't worth what he thinks it is, and this lady is going to send a check for what she thinks his services are worth.

No big deal, as Wayne has already decided to write it off as a business loss at the end of the year. Sure Wayne could take her to court, but with small town living, things get around town. By taking her to court it could turn out to be bad for business..

It makes me angry that this lady has 400K to drop on a house, but she can't shell over the $2,000 that she owes to Wayne, we were counting on that money. 


Quote of the Day:
The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything.