Tuesday, November 3, 2009

School issues

Lil' Man is having such a hard time in school.  Let me recap for a second.  He is in a regular education  public preschool class.  There are 20 students, and 2 teachers.  Lil' Man receives 1 hour a day of one on one, an hour of speech, and OT a week. The special ed teacher also comes in throughout  the week to offer tips to the teacher.

  He does well 50% of the time at school. However he hits, kicks, spits, yells, runs away, and pee's himself almost daily at school.  If he doesn't want to do something, forget about it.

I think he would do better in a smaller classroom setting, however the only alternative is a special need class, which is full of children with severe mental and physical handicaps.  He is able bodied and very smart, he just has behavioral/emotional problems. I do not think he would benefit from this type of setting.

I don't even think having a full-time one on one aid would help, because of  over stimulation.

We are currently trying to come up with a new plan, because this one isnt working.

p.s I did not get my test results today


  1. Oh girl. You are so so so patient. Keep it up. You are doing a world of good for that little guy.

  2. Thinking of you Karen.
    Thanks for your help and understanding yesterday.