Friday, November 20, 2009


My day went a little something like this:

7am- everyone up, fed,dressed and out the door, by 7:50am

8am-take lil' man to his classroom

8:15am-10:15am-IEP meeting, which got a little heated, and lasted two hours (more on that later)

10:30am-get to work, Willie B and I head to the grocery store.

11am-drop groceries  off, and head to the park for lunch.

11:45am-home form park, greet P and his Dad.

noon-boys down for a nap, tidy while they sleep.

1:30-boys up,

1:45-pick up hubby

2pm-pick up lil man from school

2:15-hit the road-toss the kids a snack

3:15-arrive at the aquarium-wiz about the aquarium

4:30-meet Lil' mans case worker for a visit

5pm-A quick trip around target which cost me $100!

5:10pm-case worker calls, she forgot to have us sign some papers.  I convince her to meet us at target.

5:45pm-Dinner at a Mexican restaurant, one kid refuses to eat, another pukes, and the third cries because I wont allow him to bring his cup of milk in the car (rotten milk spilled in my car no thanks).

6:45pm-head home, listed to the kids fight for an hour. Hes touching me, hes looking at me, i am tired, I gotta pee, dont touch hes looking at me. 

7:20-pull the car over and threaten the kids..It actually worked!

7:45pm-drop hubby and lil man off at our house

8pm arrive at P and Willie B's

8:15- boys in bed lights out THANK YOU GOD

8:20-text hubby

8:21-hubby texts back-Lil man is sound asleep in hubbies arms after throwing a fit.


Hopefully I will make it home before midnight.

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