Tuesday, July 29, 2008



So i've gained custody of my Mum's ashes.  She enjoyed her trip from Virginia beach, to Tybee Island.  When we arrived home I took Mum's urn out of the box, and placed it on my TV cart.. I told her to behave, and kissed her urn good night. 

Around 5am our TV in the livingroom turned on.  It was so loud it woke both Wayne, and I up.  I of course was scared, and did not want to move out the bed.  Seeing how my husband is faking it  injured I had to hop out of bed and turn it off.

The remote was out of site,so the cats couldn't have stepped on it. I guess my Mum was saying good morning... Wayne told me, that I needed to tell my Mum to sleep in a little later..

Monday, July 28, 2008

What a trip..



We arrived at Tybee around midnight Thursday night.  The Stukes arrived in the middle of the night, and the Giemza's appeared bright and early Friday morning.  We hit the beach, hung out at the house, went on a dolphin tour.  Shopped, and ate till we felt sick!

Before we knew it Sunday had arrived and the Giemza's were heading home.  Sunday afternoon we hit the beach again.  Jannae, and Wayne were playing catch in the water.  While Alex and I jumped the waves. Next thing I know Wayne is "jumping" into a wave, head first.  Lesley, and I were laughing, thinking he was goofing off as usual. 

A second later when my husband didnt reappear I realized something was wrong. When Wayne was throwing "the fish" to Jannae, he fell into a hole, and was hit by a wave at the same time. 

When Wayne fell his knee popped out of joint, and then snapped back into place.  Lesley, and I had to drag him out of the water by his shirt..

He spent the reminder of out vacation laying in bed with his leg propped up.  We headed home Monday, instead of going to the mountains.  As we pulled into Thomasville, we went to urgent care where they took x-rays. 

His knee/leg is swollen three times the size, he is accumulating a lot of fluid.  The x-ray showed no bone fragments, but the doctor thinks he has torn some ligaments.  

So he will be visiting a orthopedist Dr later on this week to see if surgery is needed.

Hopefully I wont have killed him by the time we go to the Dr's.  I think he's liking me waiting on him hand, and foot a little too much..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The girls.


Here are some updated of Carrie, and Erin.



Carrie, and Mummy.


Carrie showing off her smile..



Erin having fun in the water, even though its cold!!



Daddy with his girls..Don't they look a lot alike?


Erin having fun at the beach while on holiday.



What a cutie pie..

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Always on the go..


It seems that the last few months we have spent more time on the road that we have at home.  Tomorrow, Wayne, Jannae, and I are heading to Tybee Island, to meet up with Tracey, Mike, and their girls.

Lesley will be driving down to pick up Jannae as her five weeks are almost up! We will be spending our days on the beach, our afternoons napping, and hanging out, and our evenings indulging in seafood!

Everyone is heading home Sunday, however Wayne, and  I will be staying a few extra days before heading North to Highlands, NC.  I have to work while in Highlands, but that never stops us from having fun.  We will return home August 3rd!

It's hard packing for a 100 degree beach trip, as well as a 60-70 degree mountain trip.  I've packed my sun screen, bathing suit, and my winter woollies.

I wont have much internet access of the next few weeks, but I will be sure to take plenty of pictures.



I have taken on a part-time over night job for a few weeks-months.  Which has left Wayne in charge of Jannae at bed time.  On Sunday night I asked him to put Jannae to bed at 9pm.

When I returned the next day Wayne look awful tired for someone who had a full nights rest.  Considering I was up all night long! I asked why he was to tired.  He informed me that the police were at our house around 10:30pm.

Shortly after Wayne put Jannae to bed she came running out of the room shouting "too men just ran passed my window".  Wayne swung into action, locking Jannae in the house and headed out to investigate. There was no one to be found, not a person in site.

Being the worry wort man that he is Wayne decided to call the police. Jannae assured him, that she "really did see two men, they were wearing winter coats, and their heads came to the top of the window".

The police drove by with their lights on, they to found nothing.

Hmm, all the while Jannae was having a great time STAYING UP, playing with the cats, and God knows whatever else.

Its over 100 outside, why on Earth would these "men" be wearing winter coats? Our windows are 3-4 feet off the ground, and their heads came to the top of the window..That would mean the "men" were 8 ft tall..

My husband is gullible, I am going to have my work cut out for me once we have children.

Love ya baby..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beach bums



Yesterday Jannae, Wayne, and I ventured a few hours South West to Alligator point, don't worry we didn't see any gators.


Me swimming in the ocean.


Jannae showing off her catch!



Digging for crabs, and other beach bugs.

DSCF3407  DSCF3412

Wayne, and Jannae's catch of the day!



Digging for gold..


Friday, July 18, 2008



Erine (Wayne's step grandmother) is in the hospital.  Yesterday she took a nasty fall. Not only did she brake her shoulder, she also dislocated it.

They are unsure how to repair both injuries at the same time.  She cannot use her arm for six weeks.  She's 84 yrs old, and requires a walker to get around.  They plan to keep her in the hospital or  transfer her to a nursing home until it heals.

Today we ventured over to the hospital for a visit.  This is the second time I have been in a hospital since Mum died.  The first time being when Tracey (Wayne's sister) broke her ankle.  As I walked into the door, I had a lump in my throat. 

The nasty hospital smell reminded me of the weeks I spent in the hospital with my Mum.  The constant worry, the ups and downs. The bare walls, the nose of machine beeping. The hospital is not a pleasant place, it makes me sick to my stomach.

If I hadn't married into such a clutzy family perhaps I could avoid the hospital all together.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

A day in the park.


Jannae was playing "cop" she arrested Wayne, and threw him in Jail. 


He asked me, to come and bail him out. 



Jannae the police woman driving her car..


Then she decided it would be better to be a train conductor. A much more exciting job.


Maybe she would be better off flying a plane.



Before leaving we found a secrete path in which we found

several golf balls.  All in all it was a great day.

Turned them over..

Last Monday Jannae, Parker, William and I took the five kittens to the pound.  It was a sad moment for both Jannae, and I.  As much as I would have liked to keep them, I ain't that crazy. 


The kittens were locked in the bathroom, and we only have one bathroom.  Our own cats where going nuts, trying to find out what all the fuss was about.


Each time we opened the door it was mad dash to get in without letting the big cats in our the little cats out.  Once inside we had to do a head count to make sure none had escaped.


We tired bottle feeding them, and they chewed the nipples off.  Then we tried kitten food, none of them would eat it.  After a little while one of them got adventuress, and decided to take a bit..only to choke.  Next thin I know I was doing the Heimlich of a kitten.  So we stuck with feeding them kitten formula off of a plate.


They were messy little buggers, spilling milk, and cat litter everywhere.  I was mopping the floor 3-4 times a day. They're cute, but a ton of work..

Sanford family tradition..


Each year for the passed 80 yrs (yes eighty) the Sanford family has made popcorn balls each Christmas/New year.  Since Jannae would not be here at Christmas we broke tradition and made pop corn balls last weekend.


Making popcorn balls consists popcorn (duh) butter, sugar, water, corn syrup.   We tend to eat them just as fast as we made them.  This time I think we made 4 dozen, with a few left over to take home.

DSCF3389 DSCF3387

It's a sticky mess, but a lot of fun! Heck they even taste good.

Pain Pain go away...

I'm still not feeling well, I went back to the doctors today, and found out that antibiotics that I was on, will not treat the type of infection that I have so I have been given a new one.

I have been in a lot of pain unable to do much of anything.  Even tidying up the house was cause for a nap.  Today I ventured to Walmart, near the end of my 30 minute trip I thought I was going to pass out.  I was sweating, and felt like I was cooking on the inside.

I came home, and Wayne took care of me, and then I napped for 2 hours!

Jannae is bored since we have been taking it easy.  The last few days she has been driving us nuts running around acting like a dog.  Not a cute little quiet dog, but a loud PITA that doesn't stop barking!

I've got a lot of pictures to post, but not much energy..Check back later for some pictures.

Hope all is well..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy belated birthday, Alex


Wayne, Jannae, and I have all been sick the last few days..Nothing major so I haven't been online as much. On July 8th, our little man Alex turned 3! He celebrated with his class mates, and was excited when they sang happy birthday to him.

His party is not until later on in the month.

So happy third birthday baby boy..Auntie loves you :)