Monday, November 30, 2009

mini vacation

As I was tucking Lil' Man into bed last night he said "Mom I had a good time at the beach."  He behaved fairly well.  My eldest sister decided that the hubby and I are too strict on Lil' man.  I can understand how it might seem that way to an outsider, but if you give that kid an inch he will take a mile. 


While dining at outback he got a hold of a knife and put it close to my neck, as if he was going to stab me.  Other than him spitting in my face, we had a relatively fit free trip!


My sister, and I

    We went to the park, for a walk on the beach, played in the sand, watched a boat parade, made ginger bread houses, ate, and ate and ate some more! We also snuck in a few naps here and there.


Lil man, having fun!

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!



  1. No you are not to strict, you are right, Lil man needs structure and solid rules that will make him feel safe. You know him best and you know what you need to do - it is hard when family is critical, mine can be too but just keep pluggin along and don't let it get to you.

  2. It wasn't criticism, Karen asked for our opinion regarding her parenting and it was given. Karen and wayne are doing a fine Job.

  3. I asked your opinion Lesley after Nicola said I was too strict. I was annoyed when, Nicola kept saying that he was "just bad", and that he would be fine in the future once he gets adopted, and has a stable home.

    Sure those thing will help, but there isnt a cure. What dammage is done cant, be undone.