Wednesday, November 11, 2009

roller coaster ride

I am on an emotional roller coaster ride at the moment. The thought of not being able to carry a child is like a knife to the heart.  I have been caring for other peoples children in some fashion since I was nine years old. 

I always knew that I would grow up and have babies of my own.  In fact i've always wanted biological children, as well as adopted children.  Now there  is a huge possibility that I might not be able to carry a child.

I heard back from the fertility clinic and they suggested that I have the cysts removed before trying to harvest my eggs. But that doesn't seem logical when my Dr is saying he will have to remove the ovaries along with the cyst.

Truth is no one knows what the hell the cysts are and how much of my ovaries are damaged.  There is no non-invasive way to find out. I am ready for the surgery, because at least then I will know where I stand.

I have so many questions,  that I want answered However they cannot be answered  until after surgery.


  1. Have you gotten a second opinion? When I had my very first surgery years ago, I had ginormous cysst removed and got to keep the ovary...but my doctor couldn't do it...he had to bring in a specialist to save the ovary. Maybe this could be possible for you?

  2. I have an apt scheduled with a specialist in Atlanta for Dec 9th. The wait is killing me. My cysts are grapefruit, and softball size, but from what I understand its really not how big they are its how imbedded they are in the ovary. From what they can see on the CT scan, my left ovary has been completely replaced by the cyst, and so has most of my right one.

    The specialist in ATL says it is possible for him to remove them and leave behind any remaining ovarian tissue, however he cannot grantee a pregnancy :(