Friday, November 6, 2009

Second opinion

I was doing research online, and came across a doctor who says, he performs  Laproscopic laser surgery for endometriosis

"Dr. Lyons' use of video laparoscopic laser excisional surgery has been shown to be far more effective than just laser removal of the disease visible on the surface. His objective is to remove all endometriosis while preserving a woman's organs."

I decided to shoot him an email, and wouldn't you know he replied  in less than 24 hours. In his email he said "You certainly should be able to retain your ovaries although this will be a delicate procedure to save that tissue."

So I have an appointment with him on December 9th for a second opinion.  Removing one or both of my ovaries seems a little radical, considering I am not in that much pain.

Until then I guess i'll hold tight.

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  1. Keep us updated on that!!! I know it will all work out. Hugs to you!