Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye 2010

I can honestly say that I am happy to see 2010 go. I hope and pray that 2011 is a much better year for myself and my family.  Last year I chronicled my year. You can read about it here, here, and here.

We started out 2010 with a mini vacation to St. Augustine, FL.

We shopped, check out the sites, stay up late, and ate a lot of ice cream!

Lil' Man was matched with an adoptive family!

We ended January by celebrating Lil' Man's 5th birthday.  It was a bitter sweet celebration.

February didnt start out very well, hubby had pneumonia, Lil' Man had a sinus infection, and I had surgery.

While recovering from surgery I became obsessed with the devastation in Haiti .

We had another visit with the adoptive family. Lil' Man acting out.  We ended February the same way we did in January celebrating Hubby's birthday!

In March Lil' Man continued to have weekly visits with this adoptive family.  Things seemed to be going well.

Lil' Man's behaviors had greatly improved! It seems as if he matured once he turn five!

As April approached, we were unsure what was happening with the adoption.  My sister, and her two children came to visit over Easter. We had a blast!

We celebrated my Mum's birthday


and waited and waited to find out what was going on with the adoption. We finally learned they did not intend to adopt.

April 23rd, marked one year of Lil' Man living with us.  What a wild and crazy year! We ended the month with the preschool spring play.

In May we bought season passes to a local amusement park.  Lil' Man had a blast!!

I hadn't been feel well, and was starting to get down.

Some of Lil' Mans old behaviors were back in full force.

We took Lil' Man for a follow up appointment at the FAS clinic

Hubby an I ventured to the beach for our second wedding anniversary.  It was a peaceful weekend full of relaxation.

Lil' Man started at a new daycare, because he was kicked out of the previous one.  His first day didnt go so well.

June was not a easy month in many aspects.  Lil' Mans behaviors were up and down. We spent time at the pool, the beach, library and other kid friendly places. He continued to act out at daycare.

We sent him to respite, and considered disrupting  his placement. I was bunt out.

I still wasn't feeling well, and became increasingly tired.  Turns out I was expecting!!  Our little Belly Bean gave us a few scares.

Lil' man continued to act up and was eventually kicked out of another daycare. I was about five seconds away from being committed, so we give our notice.

July brought more devastating news, our little baby's heart had stopped beating.

On July 2nd I had a D&C

Lil' Man left our home July 6th

I ended up with a post D&C infection.

July 7th my Grandmother passed away. I flew Scotland the next day.

We continued to get updates on Lil' Man things were not improving.


The end of July into August was filled entertaining my niece Jannae who visits for a few weeks each summer.  We went to the beach and met up with my sister.

Upon returning home The Hubby's grandmother passed away.

The hubby and I were walking around in a fog, trying to make sense of everything that was happening.  One thing after another.  Despite all of the sadness The Hubby and I grew closer and closer.

August ended on a high note.  My niece Ava was born!

In September I celebrated my 28th birthday.  Shortly after my birthday we learn that The Hubby has a low sperm count. Talk about getting kicked when your already down.

Some where in between all of this madness we began working on our house!

Oct flew by between  my sprained foot,  Teagyn's birthday,   Hubby's surgery.

We got an update on Lil' Man he has finally been placed in a foster home (not respite home).  I asked his worker to come an get the rest of his belongings.

We waffled back and fourth with the idea of giving up our foster care license. We finally decide to give up our therapeutic license an pursue "regular" foster care.

November and December were pretty typical months.  Nothing too dramatic/traumatic happened. We had Thanksgiving with my sisters in Tybee.

Christmas day was spent at home, snuggling in bed!

I'm finally starting to feel back to my normal self. Although I am dreading February (our due date)

My hope and wish for 2011 is that The Hubby and I can come to terms with the loss of our little one, and accept the fertility issue we have been dealt.

One way or another 2011 has got to be better than 2010


  1. i am praying for you friend. i am praying for a HEALING 2011.

  2. I ditto Footprints sentiments exactly.
    P.s. Your Mother-in-law is a piece of work. I nearly fell over backwards reading about her Christmas gift to you!

    You poor girl!