Sunday, January 3, 2010


We had a super fab weekend! On Friday we left about 9ish, and headed to St. Augustine, FL which is about 3 1/2 hours from T-ville. 

First stop was the outlet mall, and I actually bought something for myself surprise surprise.  Lil' man got a cute sweater, and 4 summer outfits.  The hubby got more clothes than the kid and I combined. 


We then checked into our hotel, and went sight seeing.  Lil' Man got a new necklace , since he broke his last one in a fit of rage.  He swears up and down he will not break  this one. We shall see.

(notice how tight my jeans are..Too much chocolate)

We stopped for an ice cream, and walked around down town.  After walking for hours a little while, we headed up town for some more shopping and then dinner.

After dinner we went back down town to enjoy the Christmas lights.


We headed back to our hotel, and got Lil' man ready for bed.  I was overly impressed with how well he behaved.  He seems to have matured slightly.  I just hope it doesn't fade when he goes back to school.


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