Thursday, December 31, 2009

a year gone by part 3

Part 3

July was the beginning of my new hobby, clipping coupons. Lil' man's behaviors decreased.  Day's filled with rage, were becoming less and less. Alex turned four!

We celebrated July fourth at home.  Which brought a whole nother  list of first for our lil guy.

First time eating a snow cone
First time holding a sparkler
First time watching fireworks
Fist time having his face painted
Fist time getting a tattoo
First time laying outside on a blanket watching the stars.

I continued to struggle with the death of my Mother.

We hit the road for a two week vacation. We went to the mountains, and visited family in Virginia.

Our niece Jannae came to visit for five weeks!

We had to re-potty train Lil' man.

Lil' man's birth Moms rights were terminated.

Before we knew it, it was time for Lil' man to go to school! How exciting.  School started Aug 3rd.

We hit the road yet again, to meet up with my bestie Crystal, and her crew.

Lil' Man struggled with school.

September was a laid back month nothing too exciting happened. Work, school, family time the usual.

October was very busy, and exciting month.  Hubby and I went to Scotland for 2 weeks. 

I was diagnosed with endometriosis.  We celebrated Teagyn's 9th birthday, along with Halloween.

November proved to be a very challenging month.  We struggled greatly with Lil' man's behaviors.  We questioned our ability to parent him. 

Thankfully his behaviors settled down, just in time for Thanksgiving! We spent thanksgiving, at the beach with my sisters and their children (notice a trend?)

December was filled with cooking banking, party going, present opening fun!  It was one of the best Christmas yet! Let's not forget Miss. Jannae who turned nine on the 15th!

Happy New year.  Here's hoping 2010 is just as adventuress as this year!


  1. Happy New Year to you all. Wishing you happiness and Peace,


  2. I am impressed you can chronicle/review your year. I get dizzy just thinking about my week...Happy New Year!