Sunday, January 9, 2011

The happenings

  • Hubby started back to school after having a long winter break.  He has to drive just over an hour to class (each way) and is in class 25 hours a week.  On top of that he has hours and hours of home work.  I really hate when he's in school I miss him so much.


  • Saturday marked six years since my sweet niece Teagyn passed away.  Its hard to believe  she has been gone longer than she was alive.  Hubby and I sent balloons to here I hope she caught them!


  • The hubby and I had a lovely day out in the "big city".  We went out to lunch, and then to the park.  Hubby did some sketching (for school), while I read a book.  We then ventured to a few of my favorite stores before coming home and playing Mario Brothers! (lol)


  • Tonight we are supposed to get a snow/sleet mixture so everyone is freaking out! It hasn't snowed here since the 80's!


  • On Thursday I go back to the gyno to get my blood test, and ultrasound results. Fingers crossed for good news!

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