Thursday, December 30, 2010

Follow up

Today we met with my gyno to discuss our appointment  with the  reproductive endocrinologist.  We're still in limbo waiting to see if the Hubby's surgery was successful.

Next week I am having some blood work to check my ovarian reserve.  I am also having an ultra sound to check my ovaries for cysts.

If my US and blood work come back normal, we will try on our own until we get The Hubby's results (Feb)  If The Hubby's results are normal we till try a few rounds of IUI before moving into IVF.

If either of our results come back abnormal, I will start birth control, and shut everything down until we are ready to move into IVF.

I never imagined I would be dealing with this....Infertility doesn't happen to people like me.  I come from a stalk of breeders, none of which had any problem conceiving.  I   dreamed of my whole life of becoming a Mother. 

I know that all hope isn't lost. Some way some how I will become a Mother.  It might not be how I imagined but it will happen.  I will be a Mother.


  1. Yes, Sweetie. You will be a Mother. I just know you will. One heck of a great, Mum.

  2. You will be a mother! It will happen.