Monday, May 24, 2010

Stick a fork in me..

I'm done. 

Lil' Man started his new daycare today.  I took him there eight times before today, to get him used to the place.  But it didnt help one bit.  He ran away, screamed, hit kicked, bite, picked, peed himself, pooped himself, etc. He was screaming so loud I could hear him  before I entered the building.

They are not able to offer the one on one support that he desperately needs.

They have given him until Friday to adjust or he cant come back.  I totally understand, i don't fault the daycare at all.  They have 50 other kids they need to worry about. But why are there no alternatives.  Why am I now faced with giving him back?

Why is there no reliable child care for special needs children?

I spent the entire evening in my room bawling my eyes out.  I am beyond stressed.

If things do not work out what am I supposed to do? I  am left with no other choice than to tell his case worker that she needs to find another home for him to live in.  A home where one parent stays home.

I dont want to do that, I want to keep him until he gets adopted.  But at what cost?


  1. It is a little late, but most special ed preschools around me offer before and after care. Maybe there is one in your area. {{{Hugs}}}

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  3. There is nothing I am mean NOTHING in this area. I have asked, researched, and asked again

  4. iknow it dont help but you will not find any daycare that offers 1 on 1 unless you do what I did with Teagyn and there is some where that will pay more. Is there a uni near by with students looking for summer work, someone specializing in special ed or something. will they pay for that? I know you love him and all but in my opinion it is going to take a LONG time to get him adopted. So if you are having doubts I would move him now rather than wait.

  5. I am going to call the local residental placement place to see what help they can offer. They have an in home program designed to keep the children in their home. Just not sure what I am supposed to do during the day.

  6. Will the state/ caseworker approve to pay a foster parent or daycare provider respite wages to watch him? we've had situations like that in our state.