Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today we celebrated Lil' Man's  birthday  a week early! His party was held at a local jump place.  Gotta love it no mess to clean up!

His eyes were beaming when everyone was singing to him. I almost burst into tears. He ripped the presents open so fast I am not sure what is from who!

His gifts consisted of cars, cars, and more cars.  Our house has been taken over by cars, and car tracks!

At the party the adoptive parents told me that they want to move forward with the adoption.  We will begin the transition  in a few weeks.

I am an emotional mess.  Between the kid turning five, the adoption and my surgery my emotions are all over the place.

I am so glad we have found what seems like the perfect family for our Lil' Man.


  1. So glad things went so well!!

  2. PRAYING that this is IT for Lil' Man and things move forward smoothly!! Praying for your momma heart too as you are filled with a host of emotions!

  3. So thankful that things are working out for you and Lil Man!

  4. YAY! That is soo great! You guys have done such a wonderful job with him and you will always be a part of who he is!