Sunday, June 20, 2010

been feeling blah

I haven't been in the mood for blogging lately.  I've been very tired, and moody.  I took a million and one pregnancy tests hoping I was pregnant.

They were all negative :(

My cycle was late, and I had major cramps, and back pain.  I was 100% sure my endometriosis was back.  So  I made an appointment with the doctor this passed Monday. 

The dr came into the room and asked me a questions about my surgery (I had my surgery 4 hours away). I had forgot to have my records sent over.

She asked me about my tubes, and my ovaries.

I told her I lost my left tube, but I still had both ovaries. 

She said apparently your ovaries are working well because your pregnant.

My response  "I'm sorry but I don't believe you."

She said "oh you will in February!"

She sent me to the lab for a blood test, and to test my HGC levels which where 24,940!

Definitely pregnant!

On Friday I went for an Ultra Sound and we got to see our little peanut. 

Oh so tiny!

There was a heart beat.. Everything looks good!


  1. OMG! Congrats! That's amazing, wonderful, happy news! I am so happy for you!

  2. Oh my goodness. I am sooooooo excited for you. Take care of yourself and your little peanut :)

  3. WHAT!!! Congrats! So exciting. I did not expect to read that. Be well


  4. wow congrats, hope everything goes well.

  5. Wonderful news!! Congrats!!

  6. Thanks for sharing this info with me Karen. I was so so happy to hear the news.

  7. So incredibly happy for you :) Now you have to take care of yourself physically AND emotionally...

  8. So, so excited for you! Congratulations to you and your husband! God's blessing for an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

  9. Blessings, well wishes and prayers for you all on this very exciting news.

  10. How exciting! I was thinking about you this morning, back to the days on the childcare board. I was hoping for a baby for you. I am so excited your dreams are coming true.

  11. Oh my gosh!! I am so late catching up on your news! I am so excited for you! WOW!!