Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stuck in between..

My husband and I have been talking about possibility of giving up our therapeutic foster care license, and getting re-licensed through the state.

We originally signed up to foster with the therapeutic agency with the understanding that we would foster medically fragile children between the age of 0-5.

In order to get a placement we changed our license to foster children 0-7, and to include those with behavioral problems.

Our agency has been wonderful, they are so supportive.  If I send an email to Lil' Man's case worker she will return my email within a few hours.  Even on the weekend, and in the evenings!

His state case worker hasn't answered my email from two weeks ago.

However we have been told that we can get a medically fragile placement from the state within the 0-5 age range.

What's a girl to do?

Fostering children with such severe behavioral problems is not cake walk. Our house goes from clam and carefree to stressful, and loud in .5 seconds.  It's isolating, as "normal" people just don't understand.

Often times I find myself turning down dinner invites, and playdates, because its easier to stay home. That isn't the time of Mommy I want to be.

I'm stuck in between a rock, and a hard place. 

Any suggestions?

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  1. follow your heart sweetie.... You will make the right choice for your family. I have faith in you.