Saturday, September 12, 2009

Out of Lil' Man's mouth..

  • Mommy, my Daddy needs new rims on his car.
  • Hey Daddy, I kissed your lady.  (said after he gave me a big kiss)
  • Mommy, can I marry you?
  • Mommy we don't say the B word right? the B word, B word, B word.
  • Bone, it bone it ranch..a song that he clue where it came from.
  • Mommy, your growing inside my heart, like a little seed.
  • Did you poop in your underwear? (said out loud while we were at the store)
  • Mrs. K pooped in her pants today at school, but I didn't. (Mrs. K is the teacher)
  • show me, hurry show me (he gets his words confused, he means I want to show you something).
  • When I grow up I am going to have beard!
  • Can you take me the dealership, mommy so I can pick up my brand new car.

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