Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Sometimes I wonder why I bother.  Today I picked Lil'man up early from daycare in order to go on a play date at the park.  He showed his little rear. 

He cannot handle the change in routine.  The new environment, and people cause him to become overstimulated.  Which in turn causes him to act out.

He needs the experiences, but sometimes it isnt worth the stress.  I was near tears at the park today, because of how he was acting.  People don't get it, he looks totally normal.  I just look like a bad Mother who has no control over her kid.

The first time he hit, I took it in stride, the second, third and fourth time he acted out, I wanted to crawl under a rock.

Why does a trip to the park have to be so freaking stressful? Why do I have to run behind a 4 yr old, making sure he isnt spitting, hitting, or being nasty to people.

He is so well behaved at home when its just the three of us. 


  1. Tara used to do this...up until she was about 12. We would scoop her up when she started acting up cause she was so overwhelmed and find some quiet trails to walk. Usually helped. She would still see people but just here and there in passing. Over several years, she spent more and more time playing. She still spazzes out if there are too many kids and I just have her sit in the car with me and read. Her brain simply cannot handle all the activity. Your little pooper has FASD, too, right? His circuits are probably completely overloaded. Have fun! Har har har.

  2. I wanted to leave yesterday, but it isnt fair to Parker and William. I tired distracting him, but he wants to be with the other kids. He just doesn't know how to play nicely. One of these days. He has partial FASD whatever that means. lol I say full-blown