Saturday, September 12, 2009


I feel sick..

The prospective adoptive couple was very sweet, and loving. The Dad was very hand on.  However I am concerned that they are a little  naive  to Lil' Man, and his special needs.    They said they were ready to take him home today.  They have a 15 month old foster baby, and on Monday are getting a 1 month old, and 11 month old who they plan to adopt (BM is signing over her rights).

I hope they are not biting off more than they can chew.  Because this little guy deserves nothing, but the best. 

I guess I will find out more on Monday from Lil' Man's worker. I hope it all works out.


  1. OMG. I cannot imagine caring for a kid like Lil Man with multiple babies. My daughter was SOOOOO hard that first year. I also am shocked that they are getting so many new kids all at once. Kids and parents need time to figure each other out. Even if it is just a few months. Oh Lordy, I'm not making this any better for you. I'm sorry.

  2. They were really nice people, I and I think Lil' Man would do really when in their house. However there is no way he can get the proper amount of attention that he requires with that many little ones. They would have 3 children under two, plus Lil' Man. Sadly I think his DFACS worker just wants to hurry the adoption along, because she's ready to retire. I am curious to see what my agency says.

    I asked,"do you plan to adopt other children?" The Dad said "when it rains it pours." "We got a call about a one month old, and 11 month old, that we pick up Monday." So then I asked what was the plans for the 15 month old foster child, he isnt close to going home.