Saturday, August 29, 2009

Holding down the fort.

It has been just over a week since Parker, and Willie B's parents took off on their two week adventure. I will admit that taking care of three boys, (one with severe anger problems), four cats, one dog, and two houses is a shit load of work. I am totally re-thinking the big family thing.

The week went by without a hitch! Both boys made it to school on time. Yesterday hubby started feeling sick, just before our nieces birthday party.  We attended two parties back to back. (we skipped a third).  The boys had a great time, and were plenty tired at bed time.

Today hubby looked like he had been hit by a mac truck so I sent him packing.  I am afraid he has swine flu.  I would rather take care of the boys solo, than all of us end up with swine flu.

I decided to head North to the aquarium. The boys were so excited! They love fish, and run one from tank to the next.

After the aquarium we headed to target, and then back to T-ville. On the way home Lil' Man says in  the sweetest voice "mommy your a bitch" "tonight I am going to chop your head off"

Before heading home I  had to stop by the grocery store as Willie B was fresh out of diapers.

Lil' Man asked if he could ride in the car shopping cart.  Despite the fact that they are covered in other kids snot I said "if we can find one you can ride in it."

I looked at both entrances, and there was no car cart insight. I told Lil' Man that other child must be using the cart.  I gave him the choice of holding onto the side of the cart, or sitting in the back (Willie B was in the seat). 

Lil' Man choose to walk.  Half way down isle one the Lil Monkey took off running.  As soon as I caught up with him, I put him in the back of the cart.  This didnt fly with Lil' Man.  He stood up and threaten to jump out.  I ignored his threats until he was half way out of the cart.

I took Willie B out of the seat, and strapped Lil' Man in as tight as I could without hurting him. I knew all hell was going to break loose, because i've been there done that.

The threats began.

I am going to scream so loud, Lil Man shouted.

and that he did.

He wasn't gaining enough attention from the shoppers so he decided to start shouting "shut up bitch" over, and over again.

Then he demanded a cookie.

"You better take me to the bakery and get me a cookie."

Do you have any idea how hard it is to ignore him?

Since the name calling, demands, and screaming wasn't getting my attention he decided to turn around and pull P and Willie B's hair.

Normally I would have left the store, but I needed diapers, and a few essentials.  

I continued to shop one handed, while holding Lil' Mans hands together with my other hand.  I was tempted to walk down the pet isle and grab a muzzle. 

I just kept saying over and over again in my head. "it isnt his fault, he has brain damage."

You should have seen the look on the others shoppers faces.  Priceless!

Sometimes I just want to shout "he isnt mine"

Thankfully I live in a semi-small town and most people know I am a foster parent. 

The cashier and a few others in line were trying to console him.  I kindly asked them to leave him alone.  They were just making him rage even more.

So when we got home I told Lil' Man that I was very sad because of the way he acted in the store.  I told him he needed to sit in time out for 30 seconds.

As if that was going to work.  A 30 second time out, turned into another rage, followed by a 20 minute power struggle.  I was so pissed I had to phone a friend in order to calm down.

I hate it when he gets the best of me.  I know I shouldn't let a four year old upset me, but sometimes its hard.  Something as simple as picking up groceries shouldn't be so damn difficult.

Thankfully all is well now.  We ate dinner, had a bath, and now they are watching a little TV before bed.

Once they are in bed I plan to have a bottle glass of wine, along with a massive bowl of ice cream.

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