Saturday, September 5, 2009

Knickers in a knot?

Tonight I went about my weekly shopping trip with coupons in tow. Target had a printable coupon for $1.00 ANY general mills  cereal.  I decided to pick up some of the single serve cups, as they are $1.00 each!

The cashier looked at the coupon, and told me that I could not use it on the single serve cups.   I asked why, and she said I had to buy a box of cereal.

I asked her to read the coupon, because when I looked at it, there was no size limit.  She read it over, and said I will take them, but no one else will. 

I said they shouldn't have a problem taking them, because there is no size limit.

I used them at target without issue last week.

It states $1.00 off ANY General Mills cereal.

She rolled her eyes, and scanned my coupon.

I hated to burst her bubble, but I spouted out the stores coupon policy.

"it is my understanding that publix accepts manufacture coupons, as well as competitors coupons.  Correct?"

To which she replied "yes"

So I asked her what the problem was.

and she rolled her eyes. "Nothing" she said

She said" I mean your getting them for free"

SO??? what???

At this point my blood was boiling.

I said you are acting as if I am stealing.  I am not breaking store policy.  I walked away

she shouted "thats right walk away."

WTF? @#$%^

Was I taking money out of HER pocket?

Was a breaking the rules?

Was I stealing?

She's lucky we live in a small town, or I would have given her an ear full.

As soon as  got into the car I called the store manager.  I went over what happened, and he told me that he was sorry.  He asked what time I checked our because he wanted to review the camera to see what happened.

He assured me that I was correct.

I take the time to print/clip coupons.  The store gets reimbursed from the manufacture coupons. As far as the competitors coupons, they chose to accept those.

I can't understand why she got her knickers in such a knot over a coupon. 

When I got home I decided to print TEN more of the same coupon.  I plan to return to the store tomorrow just to see what she has to say.



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