Thursday, September 3, 2009


My two weeks of playing Mommy of three is coming to an end.  P and Willie B's parents will be home Saturday.It has been a lot of work managing two houses, four cats, one dog, three children, and one hubby.  I have enjoyed staying in the mansion (there house is about 6,000 sq ft), not so sure I want to go back home to my little two bedroom, one bath, sardine tin house. 

P proposed the idea that we all live together as one big happy family once his parents come back..I think not..

Lil' Man has had a blast having a sleep over with P, for two weeks straight!  I promised them tomorrow night they can sleep in the same room.  Hopefully this plan will not backfire, as Lil' Man is a little crabby pants if he does not get enough sleep.

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