Sunday, September 27, 2009


Lil’ Man just got home from his weekend transitional visit with his adoptive family. They are giving up before they even get started.

They do not want to adopt him.

I am so upset, as it was destine to fail from the beginning. There should have been mandated weekend visits before they agree to adopt him. Before Lil’Man was told they are his "forever" family.

They said he hit kicked, spit, screamed, peed himself, threatened to hit the babies, etc. Much like the way he was when we first got him. They said it was too much work to take care of three babies, and Lil' Man. NO SHIT? It would be hard for anyone to take care of three babies, and a “normal” four year old.

I told the adoptive parents that they needed to decide to between Lil’ Man or the babies. I said he would settle down in time, but it's going to take a while, and he needs the one on one attention.

They said they would rather adopt the three babies who's parental rights have not terminated.


What am I supposed to tell the little boy who is fast asleep in his bed? What am I suppose to say when he asks about his forever family. I have been prepping him for weeks about how this was the last home he would ever have to live in. That these people love him so much they will be his parents FOREVER.

To top it all off we are leaving in 11 days for two weeks. Who’s going to care for him while we’re gone? The closest therapeutic foster family is an hour away. So I guess he will have to miss two weeks of school.

Oh I am so freaking mad.


  1. Too bad... His worker should be ashamed for trying to make what seemed to be a match that was not too very well thought out. So now what? Does he go to respite and then back to you?

  2. OHMYGOD. I feel sick. I can only imagine how you and how he'll feel.

  3. De: He will stay with us until they find an adoptive family. I am not sure what we are going to do about our vacation. If we can find respite we will go.

    Torina: I am gonna chew out his worker tomorrow. 8am cannot come soon enough.