Monday, September 14, 2009

Two weeks.

This just all seems so wrong.  Lil' Man will be leaving our home in two weeks, without any other visits with the adoptive family.  I have an overwhelming feeling that this is not going to work out. 

I have voiced my concerns regarding the number of children in the house, the age of the children, and the lack of transitional visits.

I have contacted my agency to see if they can speak with the worker.  There needs to be transitional visits for Lil' Mans sake.

Three children 14 months and under, and 4 yr old who is more like a 2 yr old, with severe behavioral problems is a case for disaster. 

I wanted him to be adopted, he deserves a forever family. But I want to make sure it is the right family.

It's out of my hands, there is nothing else I can do.


  1. That is really too bad. I agree with you that it sounds like a recipe for failure. Sad...

  2. I agree that moving him without transitional visits is completely inappropriate! I would continue to pressure the agency or ask if you can just arrange visits personally with the family. Were you able to talk to the adoptive family about maintaining contact with Lil Man? Perhaps with you there to be a resource the placement has more of a chance.

  3. I am all for arranging the visits..I arranged the one this passed Saturday, in our home. I think they will allow us to keep in touch. But I am not sure how much contact would be good for Lil' man at the begining. I asked the worker to call the family and see if they wnat to meet at the park one evening this week. I also told her to ask if they want to keep him over night this weekend.