Sunday, September 6, 2009


There is nothing more powerful, than a parent-child relationship.  When I think back to my childhood they are of mostly happy memories.  I do not remember a lot of my early years. Memories of  my childhood in Scotland are few and far between. 

However I have plenty of keepsakes to jog my memory.

As I look through my baby book, and listen to family members tell stories some of those memories come flooding back.

I am thankful that my Mother took the time to write down many of my firsts. She kept almost all of my birthday cards from my childhood, and several pieces of my art work from my primary school years. I even have a few of my baby teeth! (LOL)

Since Lil' Man came into our care, I have made sure that I take pictures of him every few days.

I started on his life book a few weeks after we "got" him.

I purchased a keep sake box, and have store many of his firsts.  I hope when he is old enough to understand he can look through the box, and understand how important he is to us.

I hope he knows that his Birth Mother did the best she could with what she had.  She didn't know any better.

I think about his future, and want nothing but the best.  It would be amazing to keep in touch with him once he is adopted. 

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  1. Thank you, thank you - on behalf of Lil Man. :)

    And, don't be afraid to include things that you know of his Birth Mom. I can't remember if you've gotten to meet her or not - but if you have, include your thoughts about her caring for him. He'll reap the benefits when he's older. :)