Monday, February 8, 2010

What's going on?

  • It seems as if Lil' Man's birthday is never ending.  We had his party last Sunday afternoon, followed by cupcakes at home that night.  Cheese cake Saturday 2/6-his actually birthday.  Followed by cupcakes today at school.  No wonder we are all gaining weight.


  • I am healing well, but have broken out in some type of rash. Not sure if its an allergic reaction or some type of infection.  I emailed pictures to my Dr. tonight.  (how cool is my Dr?)  waiting to hear back from him.


  • Lil' Man successfully  punched me in the stomach tonight.


  • We are meeting the adoptive family half way this upcoming Saturday for another visit.


  • Lil' Man's birth Aunt keeps emailing me.  She wants to see him, but DFACS wont allow it.


  • Things have improved greatly at school. Got a notice that the head teacher's last day will be Friday.  JUST LOVELY!


  • My sister Lesley, and her crew are coming to visit me in April! Yeah.


  • The kid still has ringworm.  It has spread, because he wont leave it alone.


  • The hubby is still sick, he is going back to the doctors tomorrow for a re-check.

Thats about all for now.


  1. glad to hear that you are suriving. If you really want to get rid of lil man's ring worm ask the Doc for Lamasil, it is great and will work faster than any of the other anti-fungals we have tried.

  2. J-The Dr gave me an rx for Nizoral cream. It is working better than the over the counter anti-fungal, but he has still managed to spread it to his cheek and elbow