Wednesday, February 17, 2010

His story

A few times a week before bed I tell Lil' Man his story.  It starts off like this...There once was a little baby named Lil' Man who grew in his birth Mothers tummy. His birth Mom's name is XYZ.  XYZ loves her baby, but she was not able to take care of him, because she is sick.

So Lil' Man went to live with Mr. X and Mrs. X, they were his foster family.  (short version he has had many more placements) When he was 4 yrs old he came to live with us.  We are also his foster parents. We love him very much

Soon Lil' Man will get an adoptive family. Where he will live forever, and ever.

(Lil' man shouts out the underlined parts)

After ending his story on Sunday night he said "Mommy, I want "S", and "P" to be my adoptive parents."

I said "Oh yeah?" "I think S, and P would make great parents.  Maybe you can spend the night over there one night".  Lil' Man replied "can I go now, please?"

This is huge!!! Whenever we have mentioned adoption in the passed he has said he wants us to be his adoptive family.

So I called S (the adoptive mom), and made her cry while telling her the story.

Can you feel the love?


  1. What a pick-me-up for a dreary Wednesday! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I just love this ritual that you guys have - it makes me cry everytime I read it!

  3. Aww, damn you for making me tear up :) So sweet.

  4. That was the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time!