Friday, February 26, 2010

Sick boy

My poor lil guy woke up at 4am this morning shouting "I just pooped my pants." So not what I wanted to hear at 4am.  Seems the  kiddo has caught the stomach virus that is going around.  We're on our 4th pair of Pjs, and our third bed sheet.

This morning I was rubbing his back while he was throwing up trying to do my motherly duties.  I can't stand puke so I threw up too.  Almost on the kids head.

I ran to the store before hubby left, and got Lil' Man Gatorade.  He is pissed because he wants to eat, but I told him he has to hold down some Gatorade before I feed him some dried toast.

I sure hope he's feeling better soon.  This may be his last weekend with us.

1 comment:

  1. God love him. Sorry to hear you got sick too....LOL I would have had the same thing happen to me.
    I hope you can find sometime to enjoy your last weekend together.
    Your a great Mum.