Thursday, February 25, 2010


Things have been all out of whack here.  Lil' Man is driving me insane..Oh wait I think he's already drove me insane.  Is this his way of making the separation  easier?  Because its working. 

He has been defiant times 1,000. 

The kids at school found a frog, the teachers assistant had a little box for them to put it inside.  As she was walking toward the frog Lil' Man looked at her and laughed, and then squashed the frog with his foot.

He threw a chair at one of the teachers, spit on another, stabbed a kid with a pencil, stripped (again), and refused to wear his shoes (they sent him home in 35 degree weather barefoot)  He didnt learn a thing from that lesson, because he did the same thing the next day.

I hate it when he gets stuck in a manic cycle, life isnt fun for anyone.  He wakes up pissed off, and goes to bed pissed of.  What kind of life is that?  His eyes were open for 15 seconds this morning, before he found something to start moaning about. 

The food is too hot, or maybe its too cold.  Oh what his shirt has a pin sized stain, his shoes are ugly.  The other pair of shoes are too tight.  The brown jacket doesn't match, and neither does the spider man one.

His toast is too crunchie, and there is not enough milk in his cereal.  He wants to play outside, but wait its too cold out here.  He wants to watch Dora, but not that Dora the one that was on last night.

I hope, and pray (and I ain't even a prayer) that we get over this manic phase soon.  I want to have some enjoyment with him during his last month with us.


  1. Ok, hold on. SOME of this is typical behavior. And Some is and some is not. There is NO way I can pretend to know what it is like to live with Lil'Man, but I do in the school system. I also know what it is like to live with toddlers, and I know he is older BUT...he really isn't. Manic? You know better than I. I soooo wish he was in my district. It's killing me to see you all suffer this way.

  2. Please tell me what is typical, because I have never dealt with such a defiant kid. Sure kids complain, but all the things I listed and things he complained about with 20 minutes of being awake. He went to bed just fine, and we'll start over fresh in the morning. I don't post half the stuff we deal with because I don't want to sound negative, but what we experience isn't typical.

    Today he bounce from one thing to another, and nothing, or no one could please him.

    His new fascination is with murder, jail,and guns. He wants to be a cop, so he can shoot, and kill people (including me). He has taken his fake knife from his toy kitchen and slashed it across his neck. He told the hubs and I that he is going to chop our heads off. He says these thing when its in a good mood, not when he is raging. He asks me to run people over when I am driving, or to crash into the car in front of us so that the people in the car will get hurt. "crash that car mom so the people will bleed."

    At his last blood draw, he asked the nurse if he could drink some of the blood she was taking from his arm. When she told him no that it would be nasty, he got pissed, and tried to take the vial of blood from her.

    From what the therapist, and psychologist say he will most likely be dx as bi-polar once hes a little older. Given his family history Mom, grandma, aunt and uncle are all bi-polar, as well a the symptoms he presents. He takes some of the same meds a person with bi-polar takes.