Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The paper fire

Our agency is being audited by provider relations this week.  I got a phone call from the resource coordinator last night asking for copies of my Aug, Sept, and Oct fire drill reports.  Isn't this February?  Didnt you noticed these things were missing when our home was re-certified in November?

I went through my paper work, and found all but Aug.  I know that I faxed it over, because I fax our fire drill report along with our monthly medication logs at the end of every month.  She has the med logs, but not the fire drill report.

So because I don't have a copy of the Aug fire drill report, I am in non-compliance.  I then get lectured of the importance of fire drills, and the safety of the child (ren) in my care.

She told me that should anyone from our agency or provider relations ask the children about the fire drills, we would be in trouble.  WTF? 

I said "Lil' Man, can recite our evacuation plan, knows all the exits, and can also tell you where our meeting place is."

I burn dinner or breakfast at least once a month.  There is plenty of opportunity for him to learn.

I felt like saying "dont lecture me, because you lost my paper work."

How do you all stay organized? I have paper work coming out me ears!


  1. I'm laughing at the fact that you actually have to do MONTHLY fire drills... seriously??

    Paperwork audits are the WORST. But I can't say that a foster parent ever would have gotten in trouble for something being incomplete - thats the caseworker's responsibility!!

    I'm also laughing at the "plenty of opportunity for him to learn".. because I set my kitchen on fire about once a month - and its only that rare because I never cook!

  2. Oh yes I am serious, we sound the alarm and everything.

    I have paper work coming out my a$$

    We do weekly behavior cards, Monthly med logs, fire drill reports, per diem papers. We also do routine forms for every single appointment from regular peds visits, to speech, occupational therapy, play therapy, etc.

    That isnt a requirement of DFAC's just of our agency.

  3. Hahaaa, Well said SW24/7. You would NOT get into trouble. SHE would get into trouble and that is NOT your problem. And seriously, fire drills ONCE A MONTH? That is out of control. Next time, just jot one down quickly and write AUG. on the top. My gawd, they are all the same - state to state. So sad!

  4. Our agency had all the medical forms for every flippin' visit too. Also, the med logs, allowance logs, and a quick summary of the month. Fire drills were quarterly, but Lydia was a baby. I am sure you can imagine that I was just throwing some garbage down on a paper and going about my business. They need to worry about themselves. THEN, they can come and hound us. Ughh. This stuff gets me so worked up. haha.

  5. I was going to make one up, but I didn't want too incase she found the old one, bc it has the specific date written on it. She told me to write one down quickly and send it over. I said I would (just to piss her off) that I would re-do the Aug fire drill once Lil' Man came home from school, an then I would fax it over. lol

    Our agency will suspend your home if you do not have all of your paper work in.

  6. Sabrina doesn't know where our meeting place is; it's just her and me in a 2-bedroom apartment, so when are we going to be separated? I think that technically I am supposed to have fire drills, but no one has told me anything about paperwork. (I also am supposed to have my fire extinguisher mounted somewhere; I've never taken it out of the box and don't know how to use it.)

    I also tried to keep a good med log when Sabrina was taking 8 different things the first weekend she was with me, but that very quickly fell by the wayside.

  7. Haaaaaaa. I literally LAUGHED when I read that they told you they would "suspend" your home. RIGHT... I am sooooo sure... b/c they just have foster parents banging their doors down to get their hands on a precious little boy with issues such as Lil' Man...ESPECIALLY foster parents as awesome, and qualified, and patient, and professional, and normal, and so on and so on... AS YOU!! HAAAAAAAAAAA! WHY OH WHY do they leave these sweet innocent children lives in the hands of these absolute CRAZY, INCOMPETENT IDIOTS!!! ?? SCREAMMMMM!!!

    How's school going?

  8. When they wouldn't allow us to stop the focaline I told them to come and pick him up, the quickly changed their minds! ha ha

    School is going well for now. His teacher is leaving (Friday) 8 weeks early, because she has high BP, due to her pregnancy. So I am sure its all going to go to shit next Monday. I have told the school he is getting adopted, because I don't want them to give up, and just wing it for the next month.