Sunday, February 14, 2010

adoption update

Today Lil' Man, and I spent the afternoon with his adoptive family.  We went to the aquarium, and then the park.   After the park we walked around the lake. I tired my best to give up control, and let the adoptive Mom do the parenting, but its hard, cause I am a control freak lol.

The visit went very well, Lil' Man asked if he could come to their house and play.  They have to have staffing with Lil' Mans case worker,  before we begin weekend visits. 

Hoping the staffing takes place this week.

Adoptive Mom has already taken Lil' Man's IEP to the school!  If all goes well, i'm guessing he will be placed there within 4-6 weeks.

I feel so good about this family!


  1. Don't worry - at this point it is still appropriate for you to be doing most of the "parenting". It would be weird for Lil Man for someone else to suddenly take over telling him what to do when you are right there! Until he starts spending time alone with them, its YOU who are his only parent! Just talk openly with the adoptive parents to work out what the boundaries are - that way no one feels defensive and Lil Man isn't confused. I'm so glad to hear that the family is so great!

  2. I hope it all works out for lil man. Hugs to you Karen.

  3. Its so good to know Lil Man is possibly about to find his forever family. How are you holding up? I was trying to put myself in your shoes, and Im sure its incredibly tough, yet undeniably rewarding to be facilitating this step for him... praying for you and lil man and everyone involved!!

  4. So excited for lil man and his new family. You are an amazing mom to him and are doing a great job helping him prepare for his forever family. I know this is hard for you but it does sound like this family is a great match for him.

    I left you some sunshine on my blog. Come on over and grab it. :)