Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cause i'm that good..ha ha

Thanks to Kelly bio/foster mom of 8, for the sunshine  blog award!


Sunshine Award


The rules are:
1. Post picture on your blog or in your post.
2. Link to the person who gave you the award.
3. Spread the sunshine to 12 blogs.

I am a blog junkie and have learned a lot from reading other foster care, adoption, and FAS blogs.  I can honestly say I have read more helpful information on peoples blogs, than I have in books. 

So here goes:

Mama drama- there is a lot of drama going on over there! One FC just return home, another is hearing voices, and their sweet baby is transitioning back to her birth Mom.

Katie is an adoptive mom, as well as a behavior specialist.  Katie helped me write up Lil' Man's behavior plan for school.  She also gave me suggestions for things that needed to be written in his IEP.

Devon is Mom to Dakin-a sweet little guy who has a rare form of SMA.  I enjoy reading about his antics, and seeing his cute smile.

Torina-is funny! She has three adopted children.  One of which has FAS, just like Lil' Man.  She also has endo.  I enjoy reading her blog, as her posts make me laugh!

J is also an adoptive parent, who is doing a fab job! She thinks her youngest son has FASD.

Dana just adopted her first child! She is also a foster parent. Congratulations on your adoption!

That's all for now, because i'm at work, and really should be working..


  1. thanks for the love and the sunshine!

  2. Kelly just introduced me to your blog and I left you sunshine also.