Sunday, February 21, 2010


Lil' Man and I were at the store this morning.  I was looking around, he was a little further down the isle checking stuff out.  He came running towards me with a giant pack of pads shouting "Hey Mom, we need band-aids" lol 

The lady standing next to me just about died from laughter. 

Out of the mouth of babies.


  1. Too funny don't yeah just love what they come up with. My 16 year old had one wrapped around his arm one day when he was about 3 and said he had a big bandaid

  2. I guess I could learn to type I meant to say don't you just love what they come up with

  3. HAAAAAAAAA. This made me crack up!!! It reminds me of a little boy we saw at church once who was playing in his mom's purse. He found two tampons and stuck them up his nose. Then turned around and shook his head back and forth so the strings were wiggling everywhere. The mom was staning facing the alter and had her back to him. We were sitting behind them and EVERYONE was cracking up. She finally realized and was humiliated but was also laughing. It was hilarious!

  4. Lol kids are so funny.I think I might have died if I was the mother in church lol