Thursday, February 11, 2010


Lil' Man went through a phase of stripping while at school this week.   Tuesday he came home in 40 degree weather wearing his under shirt, backwards, and inside out. No, shirt, jacket, or hat.

The day before that he came home, crying that his shoes where hurting his feet.  Apparently he took his socks off during the day, and refused to put them back  on.

I said "well dear thats what happens when you take your socks off, you get sore feet".

No sympathy from me. Aren't I a lovely Mother?

Tuesday night we took away all of his cars, and told him he could not have them back until he kept his clothes on. I told him he cannot walk around school nude.

He kicked, screamed, spit, and said a few nasty words.  But I didn't give in.  The cars remained in my closet all day yesterday, because he stripped again. This time down to his undies (LMAO).

Today he came bursting in the front door. "Mom, Mom I kept my clothes on al day." "Can I have my cars back", he asked.

I checked is folder to make sure he was telling the truth (he's quite the little liar) sure enough he kept his clothes on.

So I told him he could go into my room, and carry the mound of cars back into his room.  He ran into my room while shouting "oh yeah baby i'm getting my cars back."

Lets hope all the stripping is behind us.

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  1. LOL! Good job. Glad that worked. fingers crossed for long term results :)