Thursday, January 14, 2010


What a day.

6:55-up, lil' man fed, dressed, me dressed and then out the door.

Dropped the kid at school just before 8 and then I headed to work

I did laundry, and played with the baby until 10am

Willie B and I headed to the library for story time from 10:30-11:30

At 11:30 we left the library and headed to Parkers school.

11:50 we were back on the road, we hit up the drive thru, and then headed to Lil' man's school.

12:05-picked up Lil' man and headed to play therapy.

1:1-dropped the boys off with their parents and headed home.

1:30-quarterly inspection-Got busted for not having my med logs up to date oops.

2:20 they were done, and I headed back to work (hubby took Lil' Man to daycare)

3:30- took Willie B to the drs

Finally left the doctors office at 4:45pm

Drove to the store to drop off his RX.  Hung around until it was ready, only to find out the wrote the wrong medication on the RX. Good job I checked.

Called the on-call ped, drove back to work dropped the boys off, and headed to the daycare to get Lil' man.

Got home at 5:45pm, and the case worker visited at 6pm.

What a looooong day.

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  1. You've had a long week. I hope you have something fun in store for the weekend.