Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another adoptive update

Things went very well, with the adoptive family.  They stayed for tree hours yesterday before heading to their hotel for the night. Their son, and Lil' man played well together. We looked at pictures, and talked about Lil' mans birth family.

They asked good questions, , and also answered any questions I asked them.  I asked them what they knew about FAS. The adoptive Mom said at first they knew nothing, but started researching right away.

They took Lil' mans reports, test scores, etc to the doctor, as well as to a local psychologist to discuss the results with them. They seem to be fully aware of Lil' Man and his needs!

We will see them again this morning at Lil' Man's birthday party.  From there I guess we will wait until they make their decision.

I feel very positive about it!


  1. Yeah!!! - sending good thoughts for all.

  2. Phew! I am so relieved! How old is their son?

  3. Their son is 6yrs old, there is 17 months between them.