Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I.E.P update

The IEP meeting went well.  While we did not get a full-time one on one support  they agreed to increase the amount of time the one on one spends with Lil' Man. 

The behavior specialist is going to observe Lil' Man in the classroom for several days to see if she can figure out what his "triggers" are.  She will then come up with a plan to suit his needs.  She is also going to offer some one on one training to the teacher, and her assistant regarding FAS.  The assistant needs to be train in how to desclate the situation, and  to  not feed into his negative behaviors.  Her and Lil' man have power struggles often, which makes Lil' Man go off the deep end.  She said she would have the teacher read the book  parenting with love and logic which is the  same parenting style that we use.

Instead of removing the kid from the classroom, they are going to offer him a bean bag chair in which he can go sit until he gets control (the same thing we do at home except we use a chair).  There is no time limit, and he can get up when he says he has gotten control. 

We are going to go over kill on praising proper behavior.  For every three punches he gets on his card, he can have five minutes to do something that he chooses.  As the negative behaviors decrease, we will increase the amount of punches he needs on his card to have his free time.

They are going to make a power point that is full of pictures of Lil' Man doing the right thing, he is going to watch the power point each morning when he get to school.

They are also going to make a visual daily schedule for Lil' man, that they are to go over with him each morning.  If for some reason they cannot go outside, they have to come up with an alternative physical activity for him.

The teacher tried to down play everything, until I whipped  out my trusty notebook, which had all of the dates, and times that he has been removed from the room, or that I have been called to come and pick him up.

We shall see..

P.s a big shout out to Katie for all of her suggestions!


  1. Soooo glad to hear that it went well and that they are implementing some really creative strategies to help Lil Man!

  2. Yaaaa! All of that sounds GREAT!! That says a lot that the assistant power struggles with him. That makes me want to bang my head against the wall. All of those things are a GREAT step in the right direction! No need for the shout out, but thanks! Always glad to help!