Monday, January 4, 2010

a trend

Tomorrow school starts back after a 17 day break.  Over break Lil' mans negative behaviors have decreased. 

The last four days have been WONDERFUL!

He seems to have matured slightly.

These are all great things right?  Except I am worried that his behaviors are on the up and up, because he has not been in school.

Tonight I told him that "tomorrow is a school day, and they he would be going back to XXX elementary".  He said "no mom I can't I will show out."(his word for misbehaving)  "I want to go to daycare not school."

Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Poor Lil man... there is just something about "school" that he reacts to huh? Does he have to attend at 4? Could he just go to daycare?

  2. Here in GA pre-K is funded by the state and all children are eligible. Legally he doesn't have to attend, but it was a recommendation from his case worker, and former psychologist that he be placed in pre-K. But I think that is due to the fact that there was no type of structure in his previous home, and his former foster Mother stayed home.

    I don't think he can handle all of the simulation, but he has learned a great deal. The other day he recited the pledge. Academically he is smart! If we could just figure out the perfect classroom situation for him life would be good