Thursday, January 7, 2010

ring ring

Today I got a phone call from the school that the kiddo was out of control.  They were asking me to come and pick him up.  I swear to God it would be easier to home school him.  At least I have him under semi-control. 

I really don't know what to do.  I don't think he needs to be in the special ed class, but obviously the regular ed class is not for him.  The special ed teacher even said he would not benefit from being in her class.

I have begged, and pleaded for a full-time one on one.  They wont give him a full-time one, his needs are not great enough. 

Me picking him up isnt helping things.  But wait am I supposed to do? I don't want to leave him at school, if the teacher don't even want him there.

I am so frustrated. I swear I am gonna lose my job if I have to take anymore time off.


  1. Ugh poor guy - and poor Mama! Maybe they could try him the in the special ed class? Even though academically he may not "need" it - he may do better with less stimulation and being one of the "leaders" in the class? *sigh* Sorry this is so hard!

  2. Does he have an IEP? If so or if not, he could be given one it sounds like just for behavioral issues. And then, in the IEP, you could state and help the "team" write in steps to take when he becomes out of control... for example a place to cool off - social work office, nurse's office, special ed room, etc... But I would have written in there that he is NOT to be called to go home unless all steps are followed and he is not able to calm, might help with some of the picking up, and help him to see that a little acting up isn't getting him to be picked up by you and brought home to have one on one time. One of my foster chlldren acted up on purpose to get exactly that. Might be worth a try???

  3. I would recommend calling the Georgia Advocacy Office (contact info below). I worked at my state's equivalent organization, and we had a strong goal of keeping kids in their regular ed classroom. Even if they can't help you directly (with legal representation), they might have some tips for you in your school district. Because if your guy qualifies at all for special ed and he is being kept out of the classroom for behaviors related to those qualifications, he is being denied his legal rights.

    Address: Georgia Advocacy Office, Inc.
    One Decatur Town Center
    150 E. Ponce de Leon Avenue, Suite 430
    Decatur, GA 30030
    Phone: 404-885-1234 Voice/TDD \ 800-537-2329 (nationwide)
    Fax: 404-378-0031

  4. I agree with all of the above. Call an IEP meeting ASAP. DEMAND that they get a behavior plan in place. He HAS to be at school. If he is special ed. they cannot just keep asking you to come and get him. This is their problem and if they can't fix it then they need to pay for him to go to another school that can. You are going to have to get tough and start exercising your rights. I would be more than happy to guide you through this process. Email me...

  5. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. He has an IEP, we have a behavior plan, we have specific instructions of who is to "deal" with him when he is in a mood. The special ed class has 14 kids, and two teachers. His class has 18 and two teachers. I really dont think he will benefit from the SP Ed class.

    Its frustrating b/c he's only in preschool so what the hell is gonna happen next year. I left a message for the principle, and for the head of the Special Ed department.

  6. Wow...your situation sounds so much like mine did. I don't have any advise since I ended up home schooling. It was the best decision we made. My bio son was in a VE class and the teachers couldn't teach him. I worked at the school so when he was having a hard time they brought him to me or asked me to come to him. They couldn't get him to do his work at school so it came home for home work. Hmmm...felt like I was home I did!!! He was a non reader at the end of 3rd grade and after one and a half years he is reading on a 2nd-3rd grade level. I can feel your pain and frustration and I am sorry you and your lil man are having to go through this.