Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I feel like such a failure  at this foster mommy business.  Nothing got resolved yesterday regarding Lil' Man and the school.  Yesterday was by far the worst day he has had.

I cried when his teacher emailed me, a list of what "went down" today.  I told hubby that I am done, he needs to go some place else.  A place where the parents are more familiar with FAS, who know about the school system, and how to go what services he needs.

Granted we don't have nearly as many problems with him at home than they do at school.  But the constant phone calls are wearing me down.  I can't keep calling my boss and asking her if she can come home because I have to go to the school yet again.

Hubby just started back to school 3 full-days a week.  His school is 45 miles from home, leaving more of the work load on me.

I am overly stress, and way under paid! HA HA

Don't worry the kid isnt going anywhere until he gets adopted.  I was just venting!

Our next IEP meeting will be scheduled for sometime next week.


  1. I remember feeling the same way when Lydia was in foster care. Granted, she was a baby and didn't have the same issues, but our issues were with DCS and all the garbage they were trying to pull. One night my husband came up to bed and I was sobbing. I said the same thing and just felt I couldn't do it anymore. The stress takes it toll when you are a foster parent. At least if you are a GOOD foster parent. You are doing a FATASTIC job with lil' man. You have made a WORLD of difference in his life. Just remember that. The school is not providing him with what he needs and then they are making you be responsible for this. i sent you an email. Hope it helps. Hang in there. You are an angel in this little boy's life!

  2. Please, please don't ever think that you are failing any child that you care for, nurture, and love!! Navigating these crazy systems is a long and difficut struggle even for those who know all the shortcuts! Lil man is still very young, and that is to his benefit. Keep doing what you are doing best - meeting his needs while he is with you and advocating for his need when he is away from you!