Tuesday, December 15, 2009

School issues

Lil' Man had a rough day at school yesterday.  He told the teacher he was going to punch her in the head.  Instead of ignoring him, she removed him from the classroom.  He was taken to the positive action room for a time out.

His negative behaviors only escalated from there.  He hit kicked, spit, threw things, yelled screamed, undressed, threw his shoes, etc. After 30 minutes they called me, because they could not get him to clam down.

I walked into the PA room, and said "excuse me what is going on?" Lil' man turned around, said "hi Mom", grabbed his shoes and acted as if nothing had ever happened. 

I am frustrated.  I would not have taken him to the PA room unless he acted upon his threat.  Calling me doesn't really sole the problem.  The first thing out of Lil' Mans mouth was "Are we going to Parker and William's house?"  "Am I going to work with you?"  Way to reward negative behavior.

I headed for home, and called hubby, who came home about 15 minutes later.  He was able to stay home with him so that I could head back to work. 

He had a bit of a rough evening probably due to missing his nap.

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