Saturday, December 26, 2009

good times

Christmas went off without a hitch.  Lil' man enjoyed opening, and playing with all of his toys.  The five dollar lightning Mcqueen bubble  was a big hit.  Mack, the big rig that hauls lightning Mcqueen took the cake. 

For breakfast Lil' man ate an entire box of mini Santa's.  Followed by a few other chocolate goodies!

He didnt notice the large object that was sitting in the middle of the livingroom floor covered by a blanket.  He was content with what he had.

After all the presents were open I turned to hubby and said "wow what is this", while pointing to the object. Hubby and I pulled the blanket off Lil man shouted "yeah a kitchen, I love it."

We spent most of the morning, playing with all the new toys.  By mid afternoon it was apparent we had bought way too much and would have to reorganize Lil' mans room to fit all of  his crap gifts in.

Around 2pm,  I tired to get Lil' man to nap, but it was a no go. Just as we were about to walk out the door to go to the inlaws, Lil' Man started flopping about on the floor like a fish out of water.

It was clear he was tired, and I wasn't going anywhere until he napped.  I kissed hubby good bye. I told me to call me to let me know when dinner would be served. 

After a knock down drag out fight  lot back rubbing, and a little bit of black mail, he finally feel asleep.

After an hour I woke him up, and we headed to the inlaws.  Lil' Man did really well at the dinner table.  He ate everything on his plate, and even asked to be excused from the table.

The only "issue" we had was that he was mad that not all of the gifts were from him.  He didn't want any small gifts, only the big ones!

My Mother in law handed him a present (it was a book), he handed the unwrapped gift back and said "I don't want this small one,  I want the big box right there." lol

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